Using Social Media to Create, Collaborate and Promote.


If you are a homeowner, you understand that there is a constant battle to maintain your investment. That’s right, your home is the largest investment you will ever make! A well maintained home not only will increase its resale value, but adds to its curb appeal and the overall community value. Keeping track of what you put into it takes dedication, but less time than you may think. is a website dedicated to showing homeowners how to capture value. Value that is inherent to a well maintained and improved property. Do yourself a huge favor and act now. Do not wait for your home to be on the market and try to remember all you have done for your home.

You will learn to easily capture the value you add.. along the way. Create a blog for your home, and tell its story. Learn how today, at! You can also checkout our Mockweb Preview for on our Youtube Channel. is a Mockweb. uses social feedback to help jump start ideas. We currently have a Google+ campaign underway for Please come follow our story.


It’s a brave new world we live in! We are on the cusp of a new generation in transportation. What makes this so exciting is that we are making this change because the world needs it. We have been using the same petrol powered infrastructure for too long. It is time to admit that we need to change our ways. If you agree, I highly recommend placing, “An inconvenient truth" on your annual movies to watch.

Moving away from gas powered engines is a start. I think we have turned the corner. Gas hybrid vehicles are common. Pure electric vehicles like the Tesla are passing in the fast lane. Sales of Hybrids continues to rise, and full on electric vehicles is the coming tide. So what is needed?

Public charging stations!

These stations are already popping up in eco-friendly communities, but more will follow to be sure. We want to be ready, so today we are launching our Mockweb…. "" on G+.

We are working on a presentation to share our vision. In the mean time, come over to Google Plus and follow usGoogle+

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
-Henry Ford

Have you ever had to haul something large without access to a pickup truck or large van? Maybe need take away yard clippings or an old couch? What about all the stuff left over from your yard sale..that didn’t sell?


We have some great ideas for developing a community based hauling service. Come see what we are planning on our G+ page! We need lots of feedback on our ideas.

One address, many meanings


When one goes to look for a new home, there is much to consider. What type of commute to work you might have. What kinds of schools are in the immediate area. Are you looking for an existing gated community, or maybe a lot to build on. So many choices, each individually important.

Creating a new website is no different. Do I host it myself? Is the website informational only, or will it be a place for online commerce? Should it be modern looking or reflect the type of visitors that will come by?

So in building a website, what is the lowest common denominator? Well some would say it is the domain name. Most people migrate to websites where the address is intuitively similar to the websites purpose. This isn’t always the case, but often it is.

Take for example That address takes you to which is a huge pet retailer in the US. Yet takes you to what appears to be some individuals WordPress blog. There are some interesting posts, but nothing that one would keep visitors coming back regularly.

So what does all this, “naming talk” have to do with Well, we believe that there are millions of registered domain names out there, that have yet to realize their potential! Maybe a website hasn’t been created at all. Maybe one exists, yet the content doesn’t make an intriguing website. That is why our website exists. We hope to help you realize that potential.